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How many of the most popular sweaters in 2020 do you have?

A piece that can perfectly fit the current season and temperature, and can be well worn and fashionable, is definitely a sweater .

crop top sweatshirt

The ultra-short style is not only popular in sweaters, but also in sweaters. In addition to the casualness, the short sweaters have a little more sexy and styling, which weakens the bloated drawbacks, and the concave shape is more simple.

Gigi also likes the crop top sweater because it is more casual and stylish than a sweater, and it is not inferior to creating a waistline. The ability to bring goods can not be underestimated.

A sweater with a long coat is simply an excellent cp for hotspots. However, it is more convenient to have this one, because you can have a natural high waist line without worrying, of course it is tall and fashionable.

And when it comes to wearing alone, whether it is pants, it is handsome.

Still skirt, casual girl man fan, are a good match to reflect personal style and figure.

oversize sweatshirt

Not to mention anything else, this year is still very popular, and has undergone different design changes. This oversized trend will not fade, and the sweater must be large enough to be fashionable.

And this loose sweater is worn with wide-leg pants, there is a full sense of casual street, you can also wear a simple and comfortable style, in short, it is right to pull the wind, the body will be picky, suitable for tall and thin Fairies.

An oversized hoodie is stacked in a denim jacket, and the relaxed and handsome feeling just came.

Loose sweaters with mid-length skirts, the combination of casual style and femininity, is naturally very charming and beautiful.

logo sweatshirt

Throughout this year’s major show venues, the aunt said last time that the logo style is one of the indispensable trends for 20 years. The casual sweater has the blessing of the logo, which has more personality and uninhibited, and also allows you to have more Possibility of modeling.

The black sweater is paired with a black outside, and the black inside and outside is matched, so that the whole is not dull and has more highlights.

The bright logo sweatshirt has more personality and characteristics.

The versatile color system of black, white and gray has more fun and fashion because of the logo.

Turtleneck sweater

Turtleneck sweaters were all the rage before, but the sweater must have a small turtleneck to be cool and trendy! Not to mention anything else, it is appropriate to see that our fashion idols have brought goods one after another.

Zhou Dongyu is also wearing a high-necked sweater with stitching style, which is full of leisure while keeping warm. The small high-necked stitching is more unique than the traditional round-neck sweater.

Ken Dou’s suit with this turtleneck sweater is also so handsome that no one~

Turtleneck sweaters with short jackets and down jackets or plush jackets are all unique in flavor, while keeping warm while reducing the burden of hooding.

The solid color turtleneck sweater, there is also a very stylish stacking Dafa, with a high collar sweater inside, strong combination, it is difficult to look good, especially the gray-pink color matching, age and temperament, very awesome.

High-necked sweaters and high-necked sweaters have the same effect, but they are more handsome and casual than sweaters, and they are suitable for wide-leg pants.

In short, as a fashion item with a high appearance rate, you will naturally have a sweater in your closet

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